Reconsidering FFCRA In the Wake of Employees Impacted by Varying Return to School Schedules

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Speaking Engagement

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As though returning employees to work wasn’t challenging enough in this era, employers are now faced with navigating accommodation considerations relative to employees with school-aged children who will be returning to school, learning at home, or a mix of both. Flex schedules, rotating shifts, work from home, the options are vast. But what’s required versus considerate? Join us for a refresher on the legal considerations. We will address:

  • How do you qualify for these work from home protections under the law relative to child care/learning?
  • Does a personal fear of COVID-19 infection require employers to continue to allow working from home?
  • When must you grant leave under the law versus not?
  • Accommodations for employees who have a child attending a school district that has decided to implement completely virtual education for 2020/2021.
  • Accommodations for employees with children with periodic or intermittent return to school schedules.
  • Potential accommodations for an employee who has a child sent home due to COVID-19 exposure.
  • How are these accommodations dealt with under FFCRA versus FMLA; are there any actual differences at all?
  • Precautions for avoiding discrimination/retaliation claims relative to the accommodation of select employees.


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