Successfully Represented a Homeowner Against an HOA Over Covenants and Restrictions Limiting the Roofing Materials Required for a House

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Dillon Ambrose successfully represented a homeowner against a homeowner’s association (HOA) over covenants and restrictions limiting the roofing materials required for a house within the HOA’s purview. Dillon’s client had not been informed of this C & R by the real estate broker, and put a new roof onto the home before he moved in. The HOA thereafter insisted that the homeowner tear off the new roof that unwittingly was the wrong roofing material and reinstall a new roof with the proper roofing material. After moving to dismiss the lawsuit, Dillon convinced the HOA to instead place a deed restriction that would require any additional roofs be made with the proper material. Dillon then made a claim against the realty company that failed to notify his client of this restriction, which agreed to pay a certain sum toward the client’s attorneys’ fees.


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