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The National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) enforces the National Labor Relations Act, the law that allows private sector employees to address the terms and conditions of their employment (e.g., wages, hours, benefits) through collective action. Through a recently released Advice Memorandum, the NLRB expanded its role to include regulating independent contractor relationships.  Pac. 9 Transp., Inc., Advice Mem., No. 21-CA-150875 (NLRB 12/18/2015, released 8/26/2016).

In Pac 9, multiple unfair labor practice charges were filed, alleging violations of the Act as it ...

Recently the Illinois Attorney General filed a lawsuit against a well-known restaurant franchise seeking to enjoin it from enforcing non-compete provisions in employment agreements that it had required all employees to sign, including hourly employees such as delivery drivers. The clauses at issue prohibited employees from working at any other similar business within two miles of any of the franchisor or its franchisees’ stores in the United States. Even though the franchisor agreed to voluntarily drop these clauses moving forward, the Illinois legislature took action and ...

Last month, the EEOC issued its Enforcement Guidance on Retaliation and Related Issues.  Having last issued guidance on retaliation claims in 1998, the agency stated that an updated publication was necessary in light of the significant court rulings on these claims, as well as the increasing frequency of retaliation claims in administrative charges and lawsuits. Retaliation is now the most commonly alleged basis of discrimination.

Of particular interest, the EEOC discusses at length its position on various issues that arise in determining whether an employee has engaged in ...

A new proposed rule represents a hopeful change for foreign entrepreneurs looking to stay in the U.S. to start and grow their businesses.

Currently the only routes for foreign entrepreneurs to obtain a visa involve huge risk. Those routes, via a Treaty E visa or the EB-5 visa program, require applicants to make significant investments upfront and essentially build their businesses to satisfy the visa criteria, with no guarantee that a visa will be granted.

One of my clients, who sold all-terrain vehicles, imported several of these vehicles and related equipment, not knowing if he ...

Recently, the United States Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit ruled that police officials in Madison, Connecticut are not immune from liability for a fired police officer’s claim that she was retaliated against for her First Amendment speech. The case of Ricciuti v. Gyzenis, No. 12-432 (2nd Cir. August 24, 2016) involves a police officer who shortly after being hired inquired about the poor condition of police vehicles and was told that the department needed funds to cover overtime. On her own initiative, Rebecca Ricciuti prepared a work schedule that would have ...

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