OSHA Compliance

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Illinois Chamber of Commerce, Seminar, Bolingbrook, IL
 | 10:00 am – 3:00 pm

Penalties for OSHA inspections are not something that any company wants to face. The rate of these inspections continues to rise, so it is important that employers are prepared. During the seminar Jon Hoag will discuss:

  • Requirements under electronic reporting regulations
  • How to protect against increased enforcement of whistleblower protection
  • New recordkeeping and mandatory reporting regulations
  • OSHA’s new directive on drug testing policies and how to respond
  • How incentive/bonus programs can lead to OSHA citations
  • What an OSHA inspection entails and how to reduce exposure to fines
  • What to do when OSHA arrives
  • What to expect after an OSHA inspection
  • What to do if you receive a citation

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