Decertifying and Deauthorizing Labor Unions Lawfully Under the NLRA

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Illinois Chamber of Commerce; Webinar
 | 10:30 am - 12:00 pm

What does an employer need to do when their employees want to deauthorize or decertify a labor union? It’s a complex process and one that requires careful action on the part of management to limit unnecessary exposure and costly pitfalls.

Led by Mike Hughes, this 90 minute webinar, reserved exclusively for management, will highlight the legalities and processes involved, such as:

  • Employees’ rights to shed a union as their “exclusive bargaining representative”;
  • Understanding and reacting to the deauthorization and decertification process;
  • Communicating the employer’s position effectively and using persuaders;
  • Negotiating contracts strategically;
  • Combatting union ULPs and picketing/strikes;
  • Navigating the DOL’s Persuader Rule (if/when in effect); and
  • Involving the NLRB and the courts.


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