Drone Law: What You Need to Know Now! New Rules and Legal Best Practices for the Use of Unmanned Aircraft Systems

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National Business Institute; National Video Webcast

How confident are you in your ability to provide clients with answers to their most pressing legal questions regarding the use unmanned aircraft systems?

Join Alan Farkas for this National Business Institute webinar on February 12, 2019 as he discusses new rules and best legal practices for the use of unmanned aircraft systems. Attendees will gain the knowledge they need to provide practical legal advice to public, private and commercial unmanned aircraft system users.

Key highlights of the video webcast include:

  • Analyze new commercial loan regulations, and advise commercial UAS users on legal best practices
  • Understand the legal and practical definitions of what is - and is not - a drone.
  • Recognize inconsistencies between FAA Regional Office legal interpretations, and use them to your client's advantage when responding to "cease and desist" letters from the FAA
  • Confidently advise public users of drones on best practices to protect the 1st and 4th Amendment rights of citizens
  • Determine when federal regulations preempt state and local efforts to regulate UAS usage
  • Know what constitutes aerial trespass in the space above homes and business

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