Independent Contractors, Interns, Temporary Workers, and Leased Employees: HR Policies and Compliance Tips

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Clear Law Institute; Webinar
 | 1:00 PM - 2:15 PM

Local, state and federal government agencies are cracking down on employers in the area of 1099/Independent Contractors, temporary workers, unpaid interns and leased employees. In this webinar, Jeff Risch reviews the legal risks associated with engaging such workers and how to mitigate these risks.

Topics include:

    • The Common-Law Test
    • The IRS 20-Factor Test
    • The Notorious ABC Test
    • Other Tests – Including the Economic Realities Test
    • Unemployment Compensation
    • Workers’ Compensation
    • Negligence and Tort Law
    • Labor Relations/NLRA
    • Discrimination
    • Employee Benefits
    • Immigration
    • Wage and Hour Concerns
    • Safety and Health
    • Federal Tax Issues
    • 1099/Independent Contractors


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