The Importance of Staff Wages and How to Calculate Them Fairly

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Lorman Education Services, Webcast
 | 12:00 PM – 1:30 PM CT

The Department of Labor and the plaintiff’s bar have become increasingly more harsh when reviewing wages. They are checking to ensure not only that overtime is being paid but also that the compensation is equitable.

Join Julie Proscia for this 90-minute webcast as she discusses common wage and hour myths, wage and hour laws, how to calculate overtime for nonexempt employees and proper policies and procedures for wage and hour issues. Attendees will be given the tools needed to mitigate risk to ensure that the distribution of wages is equitable.


  • HR professionals
  • Executive directors
  • Members of management


  • Common Wage and Hour Myths and Mistakes
  • Federal Law – Fair Labor Standards Act
  • Where Do Volunteers and Directors Fit in With Wage and Hour Laws?
  • Properly Determining Overtime Exemptions
  • Calculating Overtime for Nonexempt Employees
  • Employee Breaks and Compensation
  • What Policies and Procedures You Should Have for Wage and Hour Issues?

The full webcast can be downloaded on the Lorman website here.


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