Warnings and Termination of Patients: To Dismiss or Not to Dismiss?

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Advocate Medical Group, Webinar

Moses Suarez will present a webinar for Advocate Medical Group titled, “Warnings and Terminations of Patients: To Dismiss or Not to Dismiss?” The webinar will review and discuss the guidelines and general policies and procedures for dismissal of patients.

Program objectives include:

  • Outlining current policies and procedures for dismissing a patient
  • Illustrating the proper documentation prior to a dismissal
  • Determining when assistance is required from others in the health care environment
  • Arranging care or proper follow up for a patient with a continuing medical condition before dismissing
  • Employing the proper protocol in dismissing patients with ICC providers
  • Identifying an established patient
  • Classifying the cases for the dismissal of a patient  


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