Jacqueline Messler Discusses Updates to Transfer-on-Death Documents

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InsideTrack’s new article, “Beneficiary Designations, Client Identity are Key Estate Planning Issues” covers the basics, updates and common pitfalls of an important part of estate planning – beneficiary designations. The article details the battle over Lisa Marie Presley's estate, and several professionals weigh in on what people should be aware of for their own planning. Jacqueline Messler reviews the updates for transfer-on-death (TOD) documents after a 2018 law was passed by the Wisconsin Legislature. As the article notes, “Prior to the 2018 law, only property that was solely owned, owned by spouses as survivorship marital property, or owned as a joint tenancy could be transferred by a TOD document.” It continues, “The 2018 law allows those who own real property as tenants-in-common to use a TOD document to avoid probate.”

You can read the full article on the InsideTrack website. InsideTrack is a bi-weekly newsletter of the State Bar of Wisconsin.


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