Data Privacy in the Workplace

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Employers today face a growing challenge. As they implement sophisticated technology to make the workplace more efficient, they must also guard employees’ data and protect their brand while staying compliant with a myriad of data privacy laws. We help clients overcome this challenge. We advise businesses on best practices in order to avoid costly litigation, government enforcement actions and negative publicity.

Our team includes Certified Information Privacy Professionals who are well-versed in the spectrum of data privacy laws, responses and risks. We advise businesses on how to protect both employees’ and consumers’ personal data. Our attorneys are well-versed in compliance requirements given federal and state statute, including the Illinois Biometric Privacy Act (BIPA) and the California Consumer Privacy Protection Act (CCPA). We audit existing procedures and practices consistent with industry standards and legal requirements to reduce the risk of a data breach and counsel clients on compliance considerations involving consumer protection regulations, data privacy practices, notification requirements and advertising compliance. We help our clients keep employment records secure, protect electronic systems, and establish protocols when terminating employees.

In the event a data breach does occur, our team will coordinate the incident response plan or data breach plan, which includes a team of forensic, security, public relations and insurance professionals. We are ready to protect our clients against all types of data-related litigation.

We assist employers, managers and business owners with the following:

  • Training human resource employees on record retention and data privacy for employees and potential new hires
  • Develop policies to regulate workplace technologies and avoid data loss
  • Ensure compliance with data privacy laws such as BIPA, GDPR, GINA, HITECH Act and HIPAA
  • Help businesses implement a rapid response plan if a data incident occurs
  • Develop policies to mitigate risks and protect a business regarding social media, remote work, using personal devices and drug testing
  • Defend claims alleging privacy or security breach
  • Assist with data breach response and notification






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