Mediation & Arbitration

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Many times the best resolution to conflict is achieved through mediation or arbitration. Businesses frequently look for an alternative to the expensive and unpredictable litigation process. Through alternative dispute resolution (ADR), all parties are given the opportunity to negotiate an outcome and avoid costly litigation. Whether you are looking for an independent mediator or arbitrator for negotiations, or a lawyer to protect your rights in the alternative dispute resolution process, we can give you honest and fair counsel.

We resolve and manage business and legal disputes by providing efficient, cost-effective and impartial solutions during any stage of conflict. Our attorneys have industry specific experience and customize their dispute resolution services to fit every unique situation.  We consult with counsel on selecting a form of alternative dispute resolution that fits each particular matter. We have experience mediating and arbitrating all types of commercial disputes, including construction, real estate, business contracts, insurance and environmental liability. We represent individuals, public and private businesses, governments, insurance companies and professionals.



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