Rapid Response Team

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Amundsen Davis’s Rapid Response Team provides around the clock experienced, proactive counsel, skilled in a wide range of commercial transportation issues, to coordinate responses to catastrophic losses for clients in the Midwest. We are your ‘boots on the ground.’ Our in-field emergency assistance program offers clients the direct physical presence, support, and perspective that cataclysmic situations demand.

A thorough, first-hand look at an accident scene far surpasses reaching back into the past to piece together what took place. With a synchronized response, our attorneys are able to protect our clients’ best interests and better and more efficiently evaluate matters immediately after a traumatic event occurs rather than trying to expensively re-create and analyze an event months or years later.

Immediate Action

A Rapid Response scenario arises when a traumatic event occurs and must be dealt with in an immediate fashion. This often includes incidents on construction sites or sites where product liability is present, or, most commonly, when a motor vehicle or airplane crashes.

Typically when an event occurs that demands the parties involved, often corporate entities, to respond immediately, they must go directly to the scene to gather information while evidence is still fresh. By immediately responding to a scene, we can be the eyes and ears for clients and make quick assessments to determine what needs to be done.

Upon arriving on the scene, we direct an immediate investigation to

  • Offer immediate on scene evaluation
  • Secure information and protect attorney/client privilege so information garnered is free from access from outside parties unless there’s a lawsuit that’s discoverable
  • Gather and preserve evidence
  • Reconstruct and diagram the scene and determine what occurred with the best facts
  • Observe current traffic or environment patterns
  • Acquire information from local law enforcement and witnesses
  • Protect corporate and driver interests

Cost Effective

On-scene service enables our team to attain pertinent and timely information. In the legal world, attorneys typically can’t obtain relevant case information anywhere from until six months to two years down the line. By immediately responding to a scene, we are able to obtain information mere moments after an accident has occurred. In the end, this saves clients money given that front-end investigation is less expensive than trying to recreate events that happened years down the road. In addition, on-scene participation gives an informed view on how to best work with investigators, law enforcement, insurance adjusters, and outside counsel. Once our team leaves the scene, our clients are in a strong position to efficiently and economically evaluate their next best course of action.
Immediate Response

After the immediate response, the value of being on the scene does not dissipate. We serve as trusted business counselors for our clients. We coordinate with law enforcement, investigators, experts, and most importantly, our client to ensure that a thorough, efficient and coordinated investigation is completed. This helps guarantee that the best evaluation of what has transpired, permits for early resolution of problematic claims where appropriate, ensures the best defense should one be needed down the road, and allows for self-examination of business practices so that next time, if there is one, our clients and their employees are better prepared.

On Call

Rapid Response is an important tool for evaluating and investigating traumatic events that results in savings and is invaluable for evaluating cases and accidents before they have a chance to explode during the litigation process. Our immediate response services encompass our Midwest footprint and beyond. 


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