Model Employee Policies for Illinois Employees – 3rd Edition

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Illinois Chamber of Commerce

Members of Amundsen Davis's Labor and Employment team are the authors of the book "Model Employee Policies for Illinois Employees": introducing the 3rd and newest version updated as of January, 2021.

The manual provides employers with guidance to develop their own company's handbook and policies. This manual walks you through the process of putting together the Employee Handbook.  Topics include:

  • Where to Begin
  • Non-Discrimination Policies
  • Basic Employment Policies
  • Attendance and Time Away from Work Policies
  • Compensation Policies
  • Policies Pertaining to Hiring, Promotion and Termination of Employment
  • Employee Benefits
  • Monitoring and the Use of Electronic Technology in the Workplace
  • Safety and Health Policies
  • Company Confidentiality
  • Complaint Procedures


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