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Our government regulation, audit and compliance practice continues to be on the cutting edge of regulatory developments and audit trends throughout the United States. We understand the need for insightful and experienced counsel ready to assist employers in navigating the ever-changing maze that is local, state and federal government regulatory oversight administered through the U.S. Department of Labor, Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs (OFCCP), the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, the Internal Revenue Service, the National Labor Relations Board, OSHA, and various local and state equivalent agencies. We are particularly adept in aggressively yet responsibly interacting with government auditors and compliance personnel with regard to the plethora of workplace regulations with the objective of achieving effective closure and resolution for our clients.

Our practitioners are committed to four general areas of concentration:

  • Education, consultation & compliance training
  • Government audit & investigation representation
  • Assessment & conciliation
  • Litigation


Our primary focus is to educate clients on compliance initiatives with the intent of preventing problems altogether. This education takes many forms, including specific on-site training on how and what to develop, maintain, and secure to showcase necessary regulatory compliance like affirmative action. Much of what we do is help clients separate fact from the fiction (and there's unfortunately entirely too much fiction).

Due to our firm's substantial experience mediating and litigating government audit disputes and controversies, and given our truly unique insight into the "internal policies" of many government agencies in the interpretation of key laws, we are strategically positioned to provide clients the road-map on how to avoid regulatory headaches.

Government Audit & Investigation Representation

We represent clients in thousands of government driven audits and related investigations. We work with clients in geographic areas throughout the United States involving government administration and enforcement of various workplace regulations and laws. We understand that it is in the audit stage of any controversy where clients have the best chance of successfully avoiding and resolving problems. We pride ourselves in knowing the applicable rule, law, policy, and facts better than the government auditor. Given our unmatched experience in such matters, we have developed highly elaborate yet efficient methods in defending clients during this critically important stage.

Assessment & Conciliation

We offer the experience necessary to customize solutions for clients when facing fines, penalties, interest, backpay, violations, and/or debarment from certain work. Because of our experience in handling such matters, we serve as trusted advisors to our clients and our clients know they will receive all available options including securing the best possible settlement under the circumstances. We have counseled far too many clients only after they have "settled" a dispute only to realize that they had other options that if pursued would have resulted in a far more valuable resolution. Although we prefer to be engaged with our client at the onset of any potential controversy, we are often engaged to enter the picture late in the game. We are poised to take on any matter, anytime --- with the experience and insight to provide clients with all available alternatives and options designed to end the drama, heartache, and sleepless nights.


For the volume of matters we handle, we surprisingly seldom have to engage the government or interested third parties in formal litigation. However, at times a lawsuit simply is unavoidable. When necessary, we develop a thorough litigation plan with a resolution objective. Be assured that we are fully prepared to litigate any matter through administrative hearing, trial and appellate review.



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