Amundsen Davis’s Leadership & Management Certification Training Series

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Develop your managers into the professional leaders who create the culture that propels your business. Amundsen Davis’s Leadership & Management Training Series is designed for high-potential mid to senior-level managers working in any function or industry and provides the professional tools to accelerate growth, build authentic leadership skills, and navigate the complexities of labor laws. This series led by our employment attorneys and recruiting personnel, equips management and HR professionals with the knowledge and solutions needed to be successful business leaders.

Learn the ins and outs of legal compliance and management, whether you are developing policies, recruiting new talent, or handling employee issues. Our five-session leadership management program covers everything from onboarding and recruiting, to handling workplace investigations and executing employee performance improvement plans, to give your organization a professional edge.

Professional Leadership Training Series Dates and Sessions:

Session 1: Recruiting and Onboarding Employees – Beverly Alfon and Kim Morgan

Proper and meaningful employee onboarding is essential. Learn best practices for effective hiring and initial onboarding to help diminish problems down the road. Interviewing, background and reference checks, as well as actual new hire onboarding and integration practices will be discussed.

Session 2: How to Effectively and Lawfully Communicate with Your Employees – Jeff Risch and Sara Zorich

Communication is key to avoiding employee issues. Knowing what to say and what not to say, and when to do so, is critical in today’s workplace. During this training we will discuss how to effectively communicate workplace rules, policies and procedures to employees as well as job expectations. Employee handbooks, job descriptions and the effective use of internal email communications will also be addressed

Session 3: Conducting Workplace Investigations and Documenting Employee Issues – Heather Bailey and Peter Hansen

Join us for a training on how to document employee issues and conduct meaningful workplace investigations. Documenting employee issues (that are favorable or adverse) is vital. Managers need to be up to speed on the proper tactics to document issues or conduct an investigation.

Session 4: Performance Improvement Plans – Laurie Meyer and Tony Steffek

Join us on how to develop and implement employee performance improvement plans. We will discuss how managers can help employees be successful. This training will specifically cover best practices for developing and enhancing performance improvement plans that work and are legally compliant.  

Session 5: Conflict Resolution – Mike Hughes and Craig Kubiak

During this training attendees will learn how to successfully resolve conflicts in the workplace. We will discuss tips and best practices for conflict resolution that will help mitigate risk and prevent future disputes.


$150 for each individual session / $500 for all 5 sessions


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