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Meet Amundsen Davis

At Amundsen Davis’s core, you’ll find a full service law firm built on a foundation of integrity, tenacity, shared values and commitment to our clients. Our attorneys are prepared to handle a multitude of diverse legal services from the inception of business, to labor and employment issues, and litigation. With the combined heft and power of a multinational firm and the predictability and project management attention of a boutique, we are our clients’ most trusted business advisors. We offer top-flight counsel, educational resources and programming, and determination to exceed expectations in pursuit of their goals.

We get our drive from a shared sense of entrepreneurship. The firm was established, and still operates, on the idea that the potential for career growth should be endless and that the success of our individual attorneys should be based on their efforts and not be hindered by other factors. We conduct all of our interactions with clients, colleagues and competitors with the utmost respect and professionalism. We put the client’s wishes and business goals ahead of our own without exception.


We operate 12 offices across the Midwest with more than 230 attorneys. While our brick and mortar presence is regional, we resolve legal issues internationally. Our clients’ businesses are located in the United States, the United Kingdom, Europe, Asia, Central & South America and Australia.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

When will the new firm launch? 

The expanded firm combining SmithAmundsen and Davis Kuelthau will launch on November 1, 2022.

What will the expanded firm be called?

The expanded firm will be known as Amundsen Davis. The firm will offer a Midwest brick and mortar footprint with 12 offices throughout Illinois, Wisconsin, Indiana, Missouri and Ohio. While our physical presence will be in the Midwest, our attorneys serve clients nationally and internationally in many cases. The firm will be comprised of more than 230 attorneys and 165 administrative team members making it a significant force in the legal community. 

How will my day-to-day experience change? 

We plan to do our best to ensure that your day-to-day experience does not change, and where it may have to, we will walk you through the process with as little disruption as possible. You’ll note our name is changing which means you’ll start to see communications from us under the new firm name, Amundsen Davis. Our email addresses will change, as will our URL, and we will provide you with all of that closer to the launch date. You can also expect from us a move to a more paperless system and some efficiencies in our processes. You may see us using some different software but again, we intend for this to have little to no effect on our clients’ daily experience.  

How does this combination benefit me? 

SmithAmundsen and Davis Kuelthau clients will see an immediate expansion of the service offerings of each firm but will be happy to know that the expanded firm will maintain the sensible, business focused approach that you have come to know and appreciate at both firms. A move like this guarantees more resources for our clients.

Will I still be working with the same attorneys? 

Yes, your relationship partner and core teams will not change. The benefit of combining these firms is the added resources that we will be able to bring to you, our valued clients. That being said you may see some new faces as part of the expansion, but only when called for and never without your approval. 

Will your service quality or policies change? 

While we work through this integration, there may be some policy changes. We will do our best to ensure they do not affect the service you receive. As always, we promise to uphold top notch client service standards. To learn more about our client service standards, please visit:

Are the rates I pay increasing?

This change will not affect rates. However please note that as we approach year end, some rates will rise as they do annually per the terms in our engagement letters. Please understand that these annual raises help us to maintain business standards and deal with rising costs and are not a symptom of this change in our business. 

If I have outstanding invoices who do I pay now?

You will continue to see invoices from and make payments to SmithAmundsen or Davis Kuelthau, respectively, through November 30, 2022. After December 1, you will see invoices with the new firm name, Amundsen Davis, along with updated banking information. We will remind you of these changes at that time. 

I have questions about billing and other things under the new firm. Who should I reach out to?

After November 1, 2022, you will receive a communication from us laying out all key contacts and contact information. 

How do I make payments via ACH, credit card, etc.? 

With your first Amundsen Davis branded invoice, you will receive information, including banking instructions, for securely making ACH payments. We will also provide a secure, credit card link for self-process or a number to call to reach a member of our accounting department who can walk you through the payment process over the phone. This informational material will also contain contact information for our accounting and billing departments and any of those team members are happy to help with any questions you may have.

Are you moving office locations? 

SmithAmundsen’s existing Milwaukee office will move to the space already occupied by Davis Kuelthau at 111 E. Kilbourn Ave. All other offices throughout Wisconsin, Illinois, Missouri, Indiana and Ohio will remain the same. 

Will I remain on your mailing lists or do I need to sign up again? 

We will do our best to migrate all your preferences over to our new system! If you would like to ensure you are included and if you’d like to expand your communication preferences to other areas of service, please visit:

Why was this combination attractive to Davis Kuelthau? 

SmithAmundsen’s infrastructure and international practice offers Davis Kuelthau clients and attorneys a platform that will be of endless benefit. Davis Kuelthau clients will see an even more comprehensive approach taken to solving their business issues with the addition of the legal perspectives SmithAmundsen’s attorneys bring across so many areas of service.

Why was this expansion attractive to SmithAmundsen? 

SmithAmundsen has spent the last 25 years growing its service offerings and geographic footprint to fit client demands. With the addition of Davis Kuelthau’s attorneys, SmithAmundsen will expand its bench and breadth of services in Wisconsin in particular but also nationwide. 

Will you be under new leadership, if so, who is in charge now? 

Amundsen Davis will be run by an executive committee under Managing Partner Larry Schechtman. Larry is a founding member of SmithAmundsen, a renowned trial attorney and has been running the business operations at SmithAmundsen since its inception. To find out more about Larry, you can view his biography here:

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